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Café Pédagogique

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Café Pédagogique


The Café  event was held at Laudisio Restaurant: 1710 29th Street at 29th Street Mall on Wednesday, August 1st from 5:00-7:00.


This event required pre-registration (at additional cost). Café Pédagogique is an optional evening event for conference attendees and others to gather in a relaxed setting for informal presentation and discussion of topics relating to education.


The world’s possibly first known Café Pédagogique is a lively discussion of teaching and learning in a friendly and relaxed environment enhanced by the presence of food and access to beverages of your choice. It was invented for the COLTT conference in 2008 and has been held each year during the conference in Boulder. It is based on the internationally popular Café Scientifique that is similarly relaxed and participatory.


During the Café, people come together to hear three perspectives on interesting educational topics, each led by someone who is passionate about it. These folks only get 5 minutes to talk about the topic, and then there are about 20 minutes of questions and answers and general discussion. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate, and we welcome questions that begin with “This might be a stupid question, but...”. These questions are invariably not stupid. Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, and we really want to hear what you have to say.


Joining us from CU-Denver is David Thomas, who gave us his thoughts on educational heresies; Kae Novak from Front Range Community College who hared her five minutes talking about MOOCs; and Andrew Bonham of Metro State University of Denver offered his thoughts on who should be the drivers of change in technology in education.


We met at the fabulous Laudisio after the last COLTT session, started talking around 5:45, and wrapped up by 7:00. There may be limited spaces available as pre-registration was required; check with the conference coordinator for information. If you need a ride to 29th Street Mall, there will be a sign up sheet at registration where you can leave your name and number. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the Café fee; alcoholic drinks are optional and purchased separately by attendees.


Thank you to the COLTT 2011 Café Pédagogique sponsor, ATLAS!

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