Session Types

COLTT 2012 will include sessions in a variety of formats:



Research presentation: Speakers present data and findings on their research of teaching and learning with technology.


Hands-on workshops: One- to two-hour long sessions that actively involve participants in the use of a technology; participants gain skills in a particular educational technology (e.g., social networks, collaborative web tools, a learning management system, clickers, productivity software, etc.). There is a strong emphasis on the pedagogical link between the technology and its use. Proposal includes the type of technology hardware or software attendees will need.


Group Discussion: One or more facilitators briefly to kick off and facilitate a discussion with their peers about a significant teaching with technology issue. Proposal description includes questions and methods to keep the flow of the discussion going.


Technology Round-up: A presentation or demonstration session not appropriate for a research session.


Mini-sessions: Short sessions to introduce attendees to emerging or easy-to-implement technology tools like twitter, GIS, or others.


Lightning or Ignite Boulder Session: Rapidfire, timed five-minute presentation about a new tool or technology. Once accepted, slides or a link to a website with slides must be submitted ahead of time to the session moderators:


Panel Discussion: In addition to accepting panel proposals, the COLTT program committee sometimes matches similar proposals to create an ad-hoc panel. COLTT can provide a moderator or a proposal can include one. Sessions that include panelists from different institutions or representing divergent viewpoints often make for lively discussions. Bonus points for panel proposals that indicate how audience participation will be facilitated.


Exhibitor Presentation, demonstration, or workshop: Exhibitor or sponsor presentations that fit one of the formats above. These sessions often work well when they include a faculty partner.



Call For Proposals Criteria

Suggested Topics